The Evolution of eDiscovery – Part 2

Processing concept

Fortunately, the evolution of the eDiscovery process itself has generated solutions in the form of:

  • enriched technological innovation improving and refining identification and collection of case-related data,
  • assessing data and sorting it by relevance, and
  • for integration into litigation strategy.

Applying the eDiscovery Method

eDiscovery is by now an essential component of most business and much criminal litigation.  Its fundamental strategic elements are:

  • documentation of the relevance of discovered materials to the case at hand,
  • preservation of materials for presentation in court, and
  • communication of the discovery to the appropriate counsel.

eDiscovery software is increasingly plentiful, but doesn’t operate in a vacuum.  Skilled practitioners are required to ensure that your litigation strategy brings the desired results.  It may be that your firm has an in-house eDiscovery expert, but if not, find an outside vendor.  With such a vast quantity of data to analyze, unqualified documentation and evaluation of the evidence will only make you seem unprepared in the courtroom.

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