EMC acquisition of Kazeon will help solidify their eDiscovery market penetration strategy

Earlier today it was announced that EMC will be acquiring Kazeon for approximately $75 million. This is a great move for EMC (that is, if it works out). The acquisition of Kazeon will really compliment their current offerings and help solidify their eDiscovery market penetration strategy. They have already partnered with Clearwell and Dell in order to offer the Clearwell Systems solution themselves. I’ll bet that EMC has either had previous discussions of an acquisition of Clearwell (the company) or are currently in talks of an acquisition.

It seems like a lot of these large companies are trying to break into the litigation space by offering familiar products that are in alignment with how Corporations/Enterprises need to manage their documents/content, in order to better control current and future litigation.

The challenge for EMC will be in executing on their corporate litigation market penetration business strategies/initiatives. To date, several other companies have failed in executing on similar acquisitions – but there are always exceptions. We’ll be watching this development closely.

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