Do you Have a Master Retention Schedule?

As eDiscovery continues to establish itself as a core part of both business and risk management strategy (instead of just the latter), companies are looking for ways to cost effectively store the mountains of email they produce on a daily basis.

And according to the folks at, an effective way to archive emails is through a master records retention schedule.

A master retention schedule captures all email from all platforms and systems. This is an evolution from what most companies are doing, which is to focus on a few conventional email platforms (e.g. general email, CRM software, and so on).

However, the courts are making it clear – through fines, sanctions and sharply-worded criticisms of offenders – that companies have an obligation to store all emails.

A master retention schedule helps make this happen. And while it adds both a technological and administrative burden, that cost is nothing compared to the possible negative consequences of failing to adequately store email communications. It’s a pricey lesson that many sanctions companies are learning the hard way.

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