Digital Paralegal Services to offer virtual paralegal services to attorneys throughout the United States

There is no doubt that the economy is not as strong as it was several years ago. The professional legal community is no exception. To help address this issue, Cathy L. Ribble launched a virtual paralegal community; Digital Paralegal Services, LLC in June 2009. Ribble earned her Certified Legal Assistant title from the National Association of Legal Assistants early in her career and said that she developed this company to offer virtual paralegal services to attorneys throughout the United States. She comments, “Attorneys have been outsourcing projects for years. With all the uproar about the new economic climate caused by the recession, attorneys and clients are looking for ways to cut expenses. By engaging paralegals on a contract basis, attorneys can avoid any of their normal employee expenses.”

Throughout her 15+ years in the traditional law firm setting working as a legal professional, she acknowledged the current economic climate, which has steadily created a need and opportunity for paralegals. While there are a variety of virtual paralegal support websites, Ribble provides a service that encompasses personality, professionalism, and efficiency. Just as those who have witnessed her work on civil litigation throughout Oklahoma and Texas have seen, Ribble hopes that her professional demeanor will quickly shine through.

This undoubtedly is an exciting step for Cathy’s legal career. Not only will she get to choose the attorneys she works with, she will also get to work from home choosing her own hours and making plenty of time to play with her twin grandsons. Visit her website at – we wish her well in her new endeavor.

Posted by Kristi Kettman, TERIS Marketing Intern

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