Digital Forensics Basics – Part 1

Forensics or Forensic Science as a ConceptDigital forensics is the technique used to uncover and restore information from electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops and computers. Even devices that have been virtually demolished can still contain viable information stored away on their hard drives and SD cards.

Using a phone’s internal GPS programming, a digital forensics specialist can trace a phones’ movement while it is being carried from one place to another. With the right software, a person can track where a phone was at various times throughout a specific time period as long as it was turned on an interacting with other devices.

Digital devices that operate through wireless internet connections can also be tracked in a similar fashion. Computers in vehicles that are connected to third party computers can relay vital information to the base unit, keeping an accurate record of where the vehicle goes, where it is at a specific time and any problems the vehicle was experiencing at the time.

Information obtained through electronic discovery can be extremely valuable in a court case. Data taken from cell phones, iPads and other electronic devices can be extremely hard to alter, especially if it was obtained through a service provider. Call records, GPS location and other information obtained electronically can provide a person with an alibi when they would otherwise have none.

Look for additional information in Digital Forensics Basics – Part 2. If you would like more information about eDiscovery or how TERIS solutions can assist you, please contact us!

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