Cost Control: Digital Forensics – Part 3

Cost ControlTo understand when and where to spend money on digital forensics, it is important to understand first what you are buying, then understand when it should be used. Stages 1 – 3 are covered in Digital Forensics – Part 1 Acquisition (collection) and Part 2 Analysis.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices is not a “stage” but they are a special consideration.  Mobile devices can provide a wealth of unique information such as gps and location tracking, call logs, SMS information, pictures and other data that may not be available elsewhere.  Mobile data in the form of SMS aided in the exoneration of Patrick Lumumba in the murder of Meredith Kercher.  Eoghan Casey. ed. Handbook of Digital Forensics and Investigation.

Recommendation:  Mobile device collection is very costly yet the data contained on them is very elusive.  If there is a reasonable chance that there is unique data you will need then an image of the device is recommended.

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