Are you being found? Law Firms & SEO: The Basics

Are you being found? Law Firms & SEO: The Basics

By: Josh Markarian | Marketing Associate | TERIS



Your law firm has a power house of tools at your disposal. More than capable project managers, dedicated attorneys and even harder working para-legals. But the thing is…. you are having trouble finding new clients beyond word of mouth referrals.

You may know about SEO and search engine marketing but you see yourself in a service industry rather than a product industry. You may feel there are too many other law firms out there so its useless, or think you need a large advertising agency to even get online advertising. The biggest misconception i hear is that SEO isn’t for the legal field.

These are some of the reasons why law firms are reluctant to take the first step into implementing a search engine marketing strategy. However, don’t let them fool you, even with a budget of $100 a month and a bandwidth of 3 cases a month you can still see value in SEO.

For a quick summary, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically the strategy behind getting found when someone searches on a search engine like Yahoo, Bing, or Google. The two umbrella strategies are improving your organic search factors, and then your paid search factors. Organic search includes things such as the content you are creating, the relevance of your website, and the digital utility of your website. While paid search is selecting keywords to bid on so that when a online user types a phrases related to your service you can be found.


Another common misconception is that someone may understand what SEO is and that there is value behind it but are thinking why cant the search engines discover my site without SEO. This is a longer conversation to get into but to give you a simple answer, yes your law firm needs SEO.

These are some of the reasons why:

Get your brand infront of the right target audience

Almost garunteed increase in web traffic

Your competitors are doing it

Elevate your brand to more than just a brick & mortor

Higher brand credibility, people trust Google

The landscape for business developing is shifting from an out-bound focus to an in-bound focus. Dont let fall behind and take the hit to your brand and potential digital impact. SEO is quick and easy to set up and is a low cost low risk way to increase visibility and lead generation.

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