A Preview of ILTA 2011

The ILTA, or International Legal Technology Association, 2011 conference opened yesterday, and it is certainly shaping up to be a good one. This year’s theme is Rev-Elation, and the conference is geared towards helping build a momentum and mindset shift that will help usher in innovation as well as to create a positive outlook and to move us into a new era where we can create new success strategies. The theme will be used throughout the conference, and sessions are designed to reinforce the concept. There will also be a new slate of Law2020 sessions, which are part of the ILTAs multi-year educational initiative designed to help law firms adapt so that they can continue thriving over the next ten years.

2011 ILTA will offer almost 200 different sessions, with guest speakers from the top ranks of ILTA as well as from many other industries. Sessions will take numerous formats in order to accommodate a variety of learning styles, and there will certainly be ample networking opportunities for attendees. There will be an exhibit hall where attendees can find more than 150 top level vendors in the legal industry, and there will be ample collaboration and social media opportunities as well. There will even be a mobile app to help enhance the entire conference experience.

In terms of guests, attendees will find that this year’s conference will include a vast number of interactive sessions and ask the expert sessions. There will even be numerous co-creation sessions, which enable the attendees to determine the lineup of events and the discussions of the day. Hands on events range from the role of iPads for lawyers to how to automate your business. There are sessions on new technologies such as 4G, events about making the most use of business applications, and even events on how to help better manage litigation support costs.

In short, the Rev-Elation themed ILTA 2011 is certain to be a big event. Speakers will come from the top ranks in their respective industries, and many of the sessions on offer can help legal professionals keep pace with changing technology to keep their practices moving forward. From Cloud computing to the importance of balancing usability and security, the session topics are designed to help foster a new era of technology within the legal industry. ILTA is always a very educational experience that provides networking and learning opportunities alike, and the 2011 conference is certainly not going to disappoint.

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