5 eDiscovery Educational Resources in 2020

5 eDiscovery Educational Resources in 2020 Blog Image

Looking for new resources to expand your knowledge base on all things eDiscovery, forensics, legal compliance, collections and more? Take a look at these various educational resources catered to all niches and corners of the litigation industry.

Arkfeld eDiscovery Education Center

Arkfeld EDEC is an resource portal that is dedicated to supplying legal professionals with relevant and up to date information in the areas of eDiscovery, digital evidence and forensics, and data analytics. Through a mix of live events, online presentations and educational resources EDEC utilizes a network of recognized judges, counsel and legal practitioners to speak and write for the courses.

Various resources offered:

  • State & Federal Law Databases
  • eDiscovery Terms Glossary
  • On-Demand Educational Videos
  • Best Practices Guides

The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS)

From creating a baseline understanding on how to preserve, collect and review ESI to creating a complete foundation of knowledge to support on-boarding ACEDS has a variety of certifications, courses and educational material for every level of legal experience.

Topics covered include:

  • Information Management and Litigation Readiness
  • Litigation Hold Implementation
  • Data Culling
  • Document Review
  • Ethics
  • International Discovery

Cornell University Law School – Legal Information Institute :
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Cornell utilizes an open source model for their legal information and resources giving access to everyone beyond simply students. Take an indepth look at each of specific rule or an abridged look at their topics overview.

Other legal topics covered:

University of Richmond Journal of Law & Technology

The Richmond Journal of Law and Technology is the first exclusively online law review. Focusing on disruption and impact emerging technologies have on the law and surrounding legal communities. The Journal is published entirely by students of the University of Richmond School of Law which provides a unique insights due to the collaborative setting.

Both a thought leader in law and research, the publication is the perfect execution of adapting to the new digital demand of readership and education. Allowing a low cost alternative with a larger potential audience than traditional print media.

The Sedona Conference Publications

The Sedona Conference Journal® (ISSN 1530-4981) is an annual compilation of written materials prepared for The Sedona Conferences over the past year, plus original articles written especially for the Journal by thought leaders in the judiciary and in the practice of law.

Various topics covered include:

  • Antitrust
  • Complex Litigation
  • eDiscovery
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Intellectual Property

There is no reason that you’re learning should stop at mandated CLE’s, if there is a resources that you have been using let us know in the comments.

Additional Resources:

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