2019 eDiscovery Predictions

With the start of a new year comes a new round of innovation for the realm of eDiscovery. With 2018 seeing the adoption of more analytic based EDRM models, expanding concerns and adoptions to information governance policies, technological advancements & more we can only expect 2019 to be a year of growth. Since we can’t predict the future here are some trends we accept to be at the fore front of the industry in 2019 based on the biggest trends of 2018.

2019 eDiscovery Predictions

  • Data Minimization – Data minimization will become more dominant as firms shift to focusing how to process large volumes of data after collection and processing. With a focus on transparency, it will be a primary goal of firms to increase efficiency with the goal of ultimately reducing the number of truly relevant custodian data.
  • Increased Demand for Tech Savvy Attorneys – As the eDiscover industry continues to shift the intersection of law and technology continue to overlap. 2019 will be a year of increased data analytics, machine learning, predictive searches and the more technology conscious attorneys are will help them be better equipped to support their eDiscovery teams.
  • Data Breaches & Cybersecurity Concerns – 2018 was a landmark year for data breaches and cybersecurity and unfortunately that threat is only increasing. With the risk of data breaches at their heights partnered with the increasing sophistication of hackers one can only assume that ESI platforms will be the target of future attacks. Firms will need to take preemptive steps to ensure their data security, especially with the new EU GDPR guidelines.
  • Early Case Assesment & Legal Holds Reign Supreme – Brad Harris of Zapproved notes in a recent article “Proportionality will reign supreme in meet-and-confer discussions, driven by a never-ending escalation of costs associated with traditional approaches to discovery. Successful litigation teams will rely on solid legal hold practices and refined early case assessment to confidently limit scope for both preservation and discovery, with new tools emerging for corporate legal teams to manage control cost and mitigate risk.”

Regardless of the case, the trend seems to be preparation and preparedness are key to being successful at avoiding pitfalls and obstacles when it comes to eDiscovery in 2019.

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