17 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Successful Legal Professionals

Every profession these days is moving faster, and the legal world is no exception. Here is a quick look at some must-have mobile apps that successful legal professionals can use to make their lives easier and their workdays more productive.

1.      Jump – Jump lets you connect remotely and securely to any computer in the world, and is available in a desktop version as well as mobile apps. Jump is invaluable for keeping track of the case files on your hard drive while you are out and about. 

2.      Goodreader – This multifunctional viewing tool allows users to display books, movies, maps and pictures while at the same time offering document annotation and PDF hyperlinks. Thanks to one of our law firm clients in Phoenix for this excellent find!  


3.      Fastcase – This iPad app offers portable access to the comprehensive Fastcase law library and legal research system, delivering research results as quickly as you need them. As an added bonus, the app is totally free.

4.      ReaddleDocs – Similar in some ways to Goodreader, this document manager for the iPad saves documents, offers PDF conversion and highlighting capability for making file notes.

5.      Dropbox – Dropbox lets you edit files in realtime, then sync them instantly with your hard drive, your tablet and/or your laptop. You can include other team members as well, allowing you to collaborate through the cloud.

6.      Penultimate – This fun app turns your iPad into a legal pad, allowing you to take notes via stylus or your fingers and save them as PDFs. You can also make sketches and diagrams with Penultimate.

7.      TrialPad – Unlike other productivity apps that are geared for the daily legal grind, TrialPad is specifically for use in the courtroom to organize case presentations. It’s never been easier to prepare a compelling argument.

8.      iAnnotate – This PDF reader and annotation tools offers a lot more flexibility than other annotation apps. Lawyers who want to move toward going paperless can sign contracts, fill out firms, annotate and highlight to their hearts’ content.

9.      DroidLaw – For Android loyalists, DroidLaw offers mobile legal references at your fingertips, including the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and more. Add-ons that include even more reference materials are available for an upgrade fee.

10.  PocketJustice – Puts the U.S. Supreme Court rulings and constitutional law cases right in the palm of your hand. Public proceedings transcripts are synchronized and searchable.

11.  Black’s Law Dictionary – With over 45,000 terms and close to 3,000 quotations, Blacks’ Law Dictionary is regarded as the most frequently cited law book in the world. This mobile app lets you take this invaluable reference with you wherever you go.

12.  Evernote – Evernote is one of the most flexible multi-purpose apps available. You can use it to jot down quick notes and ideas, compose blog posts and gather reference materials, and the app autosyncs all your data across every platform you use.

13.  Circus Ponies Notebook – Similar in some ways to Evernote, this app offers a streamlined ways to organize full case files, from notes and research to presentation. The interface is slick enough to use right in the courtroom as a trial notebook. This app also includes a voice annotation feature.

14.  Cam Scanner – When you need to create a PDF on the go, Cam Scanner provides a solution. This handy app transforms your phone into a document scanner by converting photos from your phone’s camera into PDF format.

15.  Google Currents – Never lose touch with current events when you have the Google Currents app on your smartphone. Includes your favorite publications, as well as the capability to follow blogs in a simple, swipeable magazine format.

16.  TimeClock – When you bill on an hourly basis, a reliable time tracker that can go with you everywhere is absolutely essential. This app lets you export data after it is tracked, to make it easy to create invoices, keep notes on client information and categorize as you go.

17.  Square – Square offers a simple way to run credit cards using your smartphone or tablet. The company sends you a free card reader that plugs right into your our device, and runs payments for you instantly. Users have a choice of paying a flat monthly fee, or a low percentage charge per transaction.

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