15 Metrics Every Software Product Manager Should Know

Extract from article by Brian de Haaff

The world of product management is rapidly changing. It is more data driven than ever before. There is no doubt that data is impacting most jobs. But this is amplified for product managers, especially if they work for an emerging software company. Being a PM at an early-stage company has never been more challenging.

But if you get the role and product right, it is the best job on Earth.

So, how do you help your software offering stand out in a crowded market? It is straightforward when you think about it. You need a strategy that combines a specific vision with the quantifiable metrics to measure your progress. To be successful, you must know where you are going, and if you are getting closer or have arrived.

Metric-driven goals are fundamental to building great products. As the CEO of Aha!, I have made it a high priority for our whole team to have them and track them. You can only improve what you measure. We have been fortunate to set up the right metrics for our business and outpace them every quarter.

But this growth did not happen by accident. We look at how our business is doing against our goals each week and measure how well we are responding to our customers every day. We also speak with hundreds of product managers and teams each week about their strategies and roadmaps. This gives us a sense for how leading teams measure their own progress.

So, now we know that every business needs a vision and clear goals. But how do you know which metrics you should be tracking? Which ones are right for your unique business?

There are hundreds of different metrics that product managers could potentially measure. But all successful teams have a core set of metrics that matter most to them and the nature of their business.

While every business is different, here are some metrics that we believe are important for SaaS companies and product managers to track. We measure them at Aha! and see huge gains from doing so. This list focuses on essentials and is split into three core areas: marketing, customer success, and business operations.

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15 Metrics Every Software Product Manager Should Know

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