10 Valuable eDiscovery Industry White Papers

By Peter Sternkopf

With the rapidly changing technology surrounding e-discovery, information governance and litigation as a whole, it is important to find access to as many helpful resources as possible. Here is a look at some comprehensive white papers that address the most common concerns about industry changes, challenges and future predictions.

1. Successfully Addressing E-Discovery Challenges MP900427785

This white paper from HP entitled “Best Practices for Meeting Critical eDiscovery Challenges” identifies some of the increasing challenges associated with electronic discovery when taken in context with cloud computing and more mobile devices, and outlines the how electronic discovery works in the cloud.

2. Controlling Costs Effectively in E-Discovery

The spiraling costs of electronic discovery are on the forefront of every business involved with information governance or litigation support. The 2010 paper from EDRM entitled Buyers’ Perspectives on Challenges and Solutions takes a closer look at the bottom line when it comes to cost effectiveness in discovery.

3. How to Make Predictive Coding Work for You

The concept of predictive coding is very tempting, yet can range from intimidating to impossible in real-life practice. Taking Predictive Coding Out of the Black Box offers a more thorough discuss on predictive coding compared to alternatives, and offers suggestions on how to make it work for you.

4. Your E-Discovery Vendor: Making the Right Choice

Although published in 2008, Key Considerations for Selecting an Electronic Discovery Vendor still offers sage advice for several factors that are important to keep in mind before committing to an electronic discovery vendor.

5. Possession, Custody or Control: Understanding Your Responsibilities

Although not technically a white paper, Lexology offers an invaluable online resource that addresses company accountability when it comes to physical records as well as ESI entitled Possession, Custody, or Control” in eDiscovery

6. The Evolution of E-Discovery from Past to Present and Beyond

Studying the roots of eDiscovery may shed more light on what the future holds for major enterprise and litigation support alike. In an entertaining white paper that compares the evolution of electronic discovery to a well-known children’s movie, eDiscovery’s eVolution Akin To Disney’s Fantasia takes a closer look at the changing face of electronic discovery.

7. A Closer Look at New Trends in Information Governance

Emerging Trends in Information Governance published by a company whose sole focus is on information governance and Information Governance as a Service (IGaaS), so it’s safe to say that this white paper offers a comprehensive look at emerging trends, including BYOD and cloud computing.

8. Taking a Practical Approach toward Information Governance

Effectively balancing data management needs is essential, and the type of comprehensive approach outlined in Practical Information Governance: Balancing Cost, Risk, and Productivity is an absolute necessity for addressing all aspects of which/where/how data is stored.

9. Understanding Information Governance as a Service

Another white paper authored by RSD, Information Governance as a Service: The Future of Information Governance not only discusses the future of IG, but also offers a clear explanation of IGaaS, and cloud computing in regards to information governance.

10. The Changing Face of Legal Technology

Anyone who does not realize that the face of legal technology is changing so rapidly it is a blur is not paying attention. Cloud Guidance for Law Firms and Legal IT Specialists offers a more in-depth examination of the way technological changes are affecting the legal world on several professional levels.

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