The Benefits of Corporate Managed Legal Services

eDiscovery Data Technology Workflow

There are many benefits to choosing a managed services provider, especially when managing high-volume and complex discovery projects. With managed service projects, the primary goal is long-term cost control via data management, frequent use of data repositories and documented repeatable workflows. 

There are various reasons to why corporations turn to managed services for litigation support, some example scenarios could include: 

  • Complex projects that require advanced workflow customization 
  • Continuous litigation with multiple ongoing matters and serial custodians 
  • Faced with unmanageably high volume of data 
  • Lack of access or justification to maintain litigation technology tools in-house 

When you utilize outside vendors for managed legal services, you are gaining access to industry experts without the need to train and retain them in-house. Many times, corporations look for vendors who provide end-to-end managed services allowing them to control both litigation costs but also the number of vendors involved and points of contact. 

Just as there are different reasons why a company would seek out managed legal services, there are equally as many benefits to utilizing these managed services. Including access to project managers who are equipped to help at all stages of litigation. Achieving ROI through documented processes and consistent results. Using a pre-vetted vendor who has already cleared security, HIPAA, & PII requirements. Creation and management of ongoing eDiscovery and information governance repositories. Access to systems and processes that solve any procedural gaps that may exist in-house, and much more. 

A few examples of Corporate Managed Legal Services include: 

  • eDiscovery Managed Services 
  • Legal Hold Managed Services 
  • Digital Forensic Managed Services 
  • Document Review Managed Services
  • Review Hosting Managed Services

The TERIS Managed Services program allows you to focus on your business – and leaves the day-to-day logistics of eDiscovery to us. Understanding that no two Managed Services programs are identical, we create and deploy solutions to fit those unique instances.