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Recent Florida Case Ruling Warns of Dangers with Self-Collection During Discovery

Rule 26(g) Signing of Discovery Requests, Responses, and Objections is the requirement of engagement in discovery in a defensible and responsible way. The rule was created to limit abuse in discovery through the use of sanctions. Discovery is an essential part of the legal process and as a result a party should be given the opportunity to properly prepare and develop their case. Rule 26(g) is brought in when there is a range of issues originating from the handling of ESI and proper collection of data most commonly when there is evidence of spoliation, failure to produce, lack of due diligence, and in this case self-collection.

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VPN & Remote Desktop Security More Important Now Than Ever

People across the nation are staying home, working remotely and practicing social distancing but that doesn’t mean professional life as we know it halts to a stop. Many organizations have had to adapt and create systems for their business operations to move smoothly into the cloud and remote access. One of the biggest concerns with this transition is maintaining security and integrity of your companies data with the increased risk associated with remote access.

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