eDiscovery Certifications – Industry & Software Specific Certifications to Further Your Career

Education is a core part of eDiscovery. The discovery process is full of nuances, ranging from the different technology used to the workflows and methodologies implemented. It’s important for legal professionals to maintain a level of familiarity with these specific workflows relating to the various stages of discovery.

However, taking your knowledge in eDiscovery to the next level takes more than an understanding of the basics. This is where certifications come in. eDiscovery certifications can be an excellent resource to not only expand your knowledge base but also show that you have a deep understanding of the different eDiscovery tools, software, and platforms needed to streamline matters.

In this post we categorized the most common certifications into two different types: industry certifications and technology certifications.

Industry Certifications:

These are the courses and programs which aren’t tied directly to one platform or software. These certifications tend to be acknowledged industry wide and cover a range of topics. Industry certifications typically incorporate real life scenarios, and challenges into the program resulting in well rounded results. They help prepare discovery professionals with the tools needed to manage eDiscovery from collection all the way to production.

  • ACEDS – Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) 
  • SEDONA Conference – Sedona Conference Certificate of Completion
  • Arkfeld eDiscovery Education Center (EDEC)
  • NALA – eDiscovery course for paralegals – https://www.nala.org/courses/project-management-electronic-discovery
Technology Certifications:

For this post, technology certifications refer to professional certifications issued for specific tools, platforms, & softwares directly relating to eDiscovery. It’s with these certifications that the topic of learning becomes more granular and process specific.

  • Relativity: Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA),
  • Reveal: Brainspace Certified Analyst, Brainspace Certified Administrator, Brainspace Certified Specialist
  • Nuix: Nuix Discover End User, Nuix Workstation Data Discovery Administrator, Nuix Data Discovery Specialist
  • OpenText: EnCase Certified eDiscovery Practitioner (EnCEP)
  • AccessData: AccessData eDiscovery Certified Administrator (eDCA)

Overall electronic discovery related certifications are a great choice for the legal professional, project manager, discovery consultant, or anyone who are looking to stay ahead of eDiscovery best practices and methodologies.