4 New Podcast Episodes to Listen to on Your Next Commute – eDiscovery, Information Governance, & More

eDiscovery & Information Governance Podcasts 2021

Looking for more eDiscovery and information governance content outside of your normal feed? Here are a handful of recent podcast episodes that are both relevant and informative to provide some pleasure on your next commute, or whenever you have some time to spare.

Whether you’re looking for a morning brief of current issues or some light legal tech adjacent conversations to end your day, these episodes are a good starting point for those looking to explore podcasts.

You can listen to all the podcast episodes listed below at the links provided or on your preferred podcast streaming app, I personally use Spotify. If you enjoyed any of the episodes make sure to go and give them a follow as it helps support the creators.

Podcast: That Tech Pod
Episode: Women In eDiscovery Deep Dive with Expert Amy Juers
Hosts: Laura Milstein & Gabi Schulte
Featured Guest: Amy Juers

In this episode of That Tech Pod, hosts Laura Milstein and Gabi Schulte have on Amy Juers. Along with being the CEO of Edge Marketing, Amy is on the leadership team of Women in eDiscovery, an ILTA Partner Advisory Council member, and EDRM Global Counsel member. They talk about growth of international growth of Women in eDiscovery and how the organization is helping connect and empower women across the industry and globe. They also dive into future trends to be aware of and what to expect in the coming months in terms of the intersection of eDiscovery, marketing, and peer to peer collaboration.

Podcast: Digital Detectives
Episode: Startling Stats from the BakerHostetler Data Security Incident Response Report
Hosts: Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. and John W. Simek
Featured Guest: Craig Hoffman

In this episode of Digital Detectives, hosts Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. and John W. Simek bring on Craig Hoffman. Craig is a digital risk advisor for BakerHostetler and co-leads the Digital Risk Advisory and Cybersecurity team at the practice. The examine increase in ransomware attacks in recent years, the impact of work-from-home culture on the cybersecurity landscape, and the recent Data Security Incident Response Report released by BakerHostetler. They close out the episode covering actionable steps your organization can take if you were on the receiving end of a data security breach, and how you can prepare against future attacks.

Podcast: Uncivil Procedure
Episode: Search
Hosts: Brendan Ryan & The Relativity Team
Featured Guest: Karen Wagshul

In the episode “Search” by Uncivil Procedure, host Brendan Ryan is accompanied by the Relativity Team (Daniel Pelc, Constantine Pappas, Malinda Lee, Anna Siroonian, David Horrigan) and guest Karen Wagshul. Karen is corporate counsel of e-discovery and records and information management at Allstate. Together they cover the importance of keywords, search practices, and play a game called “Discover the Truth” of guess which client social media search horror story is true. This is particularly fun because as a listener you get to play along too and see which outlandish story actually occurred.

Podcast: Voices of Data Protection
Episode: Scaling your Information Protection Program Across the Enterprise
Hosts: Bhavanesh Rengarajan (Bhavy)
Featured Guest: John Cardarelli

In “Scaling your Information Protection Program Across the Enterprise” of the Microsoft podcast Voices of Data Protection, host Bhavanesh Rengarajan (Bhavy) has on guest John Cardarelli. John is the principal of Information Protection Program at Microsoft. Together they talk about creating an information governance program and scaling it across high growth companies, where to data protection starts, and how information governance has been impacted and shifted during the pandemic.