Digital Forensics Investigators

Digital Forensics
Along with nearly limitless benefits, technology presents unique challenges for litigation, particularly during the discovery process. Although eDiscovery is a good start, some cases require more extensive data mining. For these cases, TERIS provides digital forensics services that are capable of thorough investigation and analysis of extensive digital evidence.

Forensic specialists from TERIS hold diverse technology backgrounds in addition to legal experience that work together to manage every facet of forensic data recovery in complex litigation cases. Identification, acquisition, preservation, analysis and documentation of electronically stored data are coordinated for use in all types of proceedings. TERIS increases the efficiency and accuracy of the digital forensic investigation process, without altering or compromising fragile digital information and risking defensibility.

TERIS' comprehensive litigation support solution uncovers and collects digital evidence, both allocated and unallocated. All data stored on a hard drive is accessible to the digital forensics expert: hidden files, deleted data, overwritten file remnants, even temporary Internet files. Emails, both existing and deleted, can also be collected and analyzed through digital forensics. Password-protected or otherwise encrypted files can be opened and examined for evidence. Even system files and logs can be analyzed to answer the question of intent, or determine if an external storage device has been used.

Digital forensics requires that data handling and analysis be performed only by an experienced professional with appropriate credentials. Data must not only be collected and studied, but also properly preserved and tracked in order to ensure defensibility. TERIS' digital forensics experts have the appropriate training, background and credentials to properly execute any data mining necessary for the discovery process. The appropriate evidence can mean the difference between a settle and a win, and TERIS wants its clients to come out on the winning side.