Pharmaceutical Industry Litigation Support

Healthcare professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry are facing numerous challenges. Strategies followed by manufacturers are often rendered vulnerable to multiple legal vulnerabilities: concerns over product liability, highly publicized drug withdrawals, black box warnings, increased regulations and new tendency toward mass litigation and class-action suits. With the competitive dynamics typical to the industry, copyright and patent infringements are also on the rise. TERIS provides proactive litigation support services which address potential weak spots prior to legal action.


Within the pharmaceutical sector, legal disputes often focus on questions of intellectual property. This may include claims of patent infringement, or extend to issues over royalties, product manufacturing practices or data ownership. In cases of governmental involvement, antitrust laws and taxation regulations may come into play. TERIS maintains a knowledgeable team of consultants who are able to ensure compliance with the ever-changing regulations in the pharmaceutical industry.


TERIS is adept at handling the complex issues involved with pharmaceutical litigation. The FDA mandates validation of pharmaceutical systems, which has led to closer monitoring of legal and business rules in order to ensure compliance. Taking a proactive approach with regards to potential litigation and electronic discovery will provide a solution which fulfills governmental regulations at a more manageable cost.