In many ways, the government is behind private corporations as far as technology goes, yet governmental bodies are still bound by the same standards of eDiscovery as the private sector. Although a blind eye has been turned to this in former years, the recent Presidential Mandate regarding records management is setting forth new requirements for electronic data preservation and management.

TERIS provides the litigation support services needed to ensure compliance with these expectations. Governmental agencies are obliged to produce data according to the Freedom of Information Act, yet doing so efficiently is challenging across multiple divisions and IT systems. TERIS has the adaptability needed to translate data from one system to the next, whether using native files or different technologies.

A centralized approach toward records management within any governmental body requires extensive evaluation, workflow restructuring, and appropriate tools to ensure searchability and defensibility. The litigation and electronic discovery services available through TERIS are designed to meet these goals in the most cost-efficient methods possible. The government has been slow in catching up with current methodologies for data management, and the necessary overhaul at this point may seem cost-prohibitive. However, implementing a proactive approach to documentation management will save time in the present and money in the long run.