Energy Industry Litigation

Over the last decade, the energy industry has undergone drastic changes. This trend promises to continue over the upcoming decade and likely longer. TERIS maintains consultants who are well-versed in the current and potential market changes across a range of disciplines. In case of litigation, electronic discovery services are able to help companies and organizations protect themselves and their intellectual property.

The energy markets today are very complex. Market regulation is often multi-jurisdictional along with pricing tiers and marketing arrangements. Whether electric, natural gas, or alternative energy sources, any litigation will involve a variety of factors: regulatory assessment, damage analysis, market design and more. Disputes are growing more common over structural changes within the industry, specifically with regards to their economic impact.

TERIS provides consulting services that can assist with a variety of energy industry-specific issues, from allegations of market manipulation or price fixing to shareholder and creditor claims. As governmental regulations continue changing, it is vital to maintain resources that are able to assist not only in a crisis, but are able to lend managerial and structural support designed to withstand litigation. TERIS focuses on repeatable, defensible document management in order to provide superior litigation support services.