TERIS and Aptus Give Back to the San Diego Community

TERIS and Aptus Give Back to the San Diego Community

By Andrew Bayer, Regional Director of Electronic Sales for TERIS

July 14, 2012 – On a gloomy San Diego Saturday morning, TERIS Litigation Support and their sister court reporting company, Aptus, were excited to have eighteen representatives from their companies participate with the Westview High School Surf Team in their annual Del Mar Beach Clean Up Day.  Aside from a few clouds in the sky, the event was a complete and utter success.  

With over 100 people in attendance to support this great cause, the impact was substantial and the charitable endeavors of the attendees became contagious.  Throughout the morning, the participants scoured the beach seeking out each and every piece of rubbish and garbage that could be discarded.  Over the course of about two hours, more than fifteen garbage bags were filled with litter of all shapes and sizes.  The participants were continuously applauded by local beach-goers for their efforts – and a few of them even decided to jump in and lend a hand themselves!

TERIS and Aptus are quite grateful to Patricia Hoekman of Life Technologies for informing us of this great event which she was helping organize on behalf of her son, who is a member of the Westview High School Surf Team.  Having been a loyal supporter of both companies for some time now, Patricia reached out to the management of both organizations in hopes of a simple sponsorship contribution that would, in theory, garner more interest for this event. Little did she know that in addition to a few gift certificates the companies would donate for the participant raffle, eighteen people from both TERIS and Aptus would be attending to lend a hand.

Being locally owned and operated, TERIS and Aptus take great pride in giving back to the San Diego community that continues to show them so much support.  It is events like this weekend’s Beach Clean Up that truly demonstrates the spirit and philanthropic nature of the people and ownership that have made these two companies so successful.  In addition to supporting great charitable causes, TERIS and Aptus are also ensconced through sponsorship contributions to almost every legal-related organization in San Diego, including:  Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA), San Diego Lawyers Club, Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), San Diego Paralegal Association (SDPA), San Diego Legal Secretaries Association (SDLSA), Association of Business Trial Lawyers (ABTL), and many, many more.  

Keep an eye out for TERIS and Aptus throughout San Diego as chances are if it’s a charitable cause, legal-oriented event, or both, you will be seeing several smiling faces of representatives from these two local organizations.

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