Common Mobile Discovery Challenges

If gathering data from mobile devices wasn’t hard enough, with the rapid increase in technology and privacy laws mobile discovery may become some firms biggest obstacle.

According to Microsoft “67% of people use personal devices for work, regardless of an official BYOD policy that may limit or prohibit their use” further showing the impact that mobile discovery will play in the future.

As more companies start to implement BYOD policies, their will also be a rise in the challenges when trying to gather data from employee devices. When it comes to types of discover-able data from a mobile device it can include any of the below:

Phone Logs, Email, Texts, GPS, Photos, Videos, Browsing History, App History, Search History, Calendar, Contacts and much more.

Here are a few of the most comment problems encountered with mobile discovery:

Limited access to devices

Increase in the number of new devices and types of encryption out there

Increased BYOD privacy and security on devices.

Cell phone carriers don’t hold data for that long

To emphasize our last bullet point we have included the Department of Justice’s “Retention Periods of Major Cellular Service Providers” document.

Screen Shot 10-17-17 at 01.21 PM

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