Aptus Court Reporting Launches in San Diego; Targets Rapidly-Changing Southern California Legal Industry Needs

San Diego –  San Diego’s legal industry has undergone significant changes, thanks to the influx and impact of technology. Now, the area has a new court reporting firm that is specifically built and tailored to serve 21st century legal industry needs, ”connecting technology and testimony.” Introducing Aptus Court Reporting.

Our professional staff has deep experience in the court reporting industry, so they are intimately familiar with the unique needs of the San Diego legal community,” said Derek Berg, Managing Partner. “Our commitment is to provide the very best to our clients, reporters and employees by understanding their specific objectives – while giving back to both the legal and local communities. We’re excited to serve the legal community.”

Services offered by Aptus include:

  • Court Reporting – Professional and experienced reporters are ready to provide clients with great service for any deposition and court reporting needs.

  • Realtime Reporting – Aptus offers realtime services from local connections to remote streaming, allowing their clients to focus on what they do best: litigating their cases.

  • Videography – Video can have a strong impact on a deposition. Aptus videographers are experienced and professional. We provide complimentary video and transcript synchronization.

  • Interpreting – An interpreter can be useful when taking a deposition, going to trial, conferences or meetings. Aptus provides interpreters for dozens of languages.

  • Transcription – Aptus professional reporters provide certified copies for any of your document, video and audio transcribing needs.

  • Video Conferencing – Whether taking a deposition, conducting a firm-wide training session, or preparing a witness, videoconferencing helps firms save time and money.

  • Video Streaming – Video streaming allows attorneys to monitor a deposition and collaborate with their team globally.

Nationwide Conference Room Reservations – Aptus has locations across the country to host your depositions and meetings.

Hosting/Litigation support – Through its sister company TERIS, Aptus provides support to help legal professionals prevail over tight deadlines and unanticipated obstacles. Company consultants provide valuable research, analysis, and information management for even the most complex litigation support challenge.

About Aptus Court Reporting

Aptus Court Reporting provides a range of legal support services to corporate legal teams and law firms throughout Southern California. To learn more about Aptus, visit www.AptusCR.com or follow the company on Twitter at Twitter.com/AptusCR or Facebook (Facebook.com/Aptus). TERIS, visit www.TERIS.com or follow the company on Twitter at Twitter.com/DiscoverTERIS or Facebook (Facebook.com/TERIS).

Media Contact: Ashley Walton, 619-546-9151 (office) or awalton@aptusCR.com

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