Services & Solutions

TERIS provides a streamlined suite of litigation support services which increase efficiency and lower expenditures during the litigation process.

These client-based solutions are aimed at simplifying the document management process in order to ensure effective early case assessment. TERIS can offer assistance at all stages of litigation, from initial research through information management and data analysis.

Cases of any size may be managed more effectively through the tools provided by TERIS. Clients will significantly reduce processing costs while saving valuable time and internal personnel resources which can be better devoted toward core operations. TERIS offers adaptable support at varying levels according to client needs, from extensive data storage to complex case review and analysis and computer forensics. Platforms are similarly flexible, including traditional print services as well as fortified databases with robust searchability. Through the TERIS suite of services, legal teams will find the comprehensive support they need for all the unique and changing demands required during litigation.

Consulting Services

We can help.

Consultant support is fully tailored to individual client needs, with a focus on remaining open and flexible to environmental changes.

Managed Services

Take Control.

The TERIS Managed Services Program provides corporate legal departments with visibility and control over the entire eDiscovery lifecycle.