Wіlmіngtоn has grown bаѕеd оn its reputation for favorable corporate laws and a longstanding rерutаtіоn for a fаіr and effective judісіаl system. The Delaware Court of Chancery requires legal counsel to have specialized knowledge and agility. Due to these unique attributes, members of the Delaware Bar are a proud and tight-knit group.

Working inside the Chancery system requires electronic discovery vendors that mirror that same power, speed and flexibility. For several years TERIS has been providing long distance support to top firms and Fortune 100 clients. The knowledge gained and relationships developed necessitated a local presence.

From forensics data collection to electronic discovery and from review hosting to final production, TERIS Wilmington is a local expert with the experience and knowledge that you need to navigate this unique legal environment.

For all your needs in digital forensics, litigation support and eDiscovery in Wilmington, contact TERIS today.

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